Using is a guarantee of your safety is the best service to use if you want to stay anonymous while dealing with bitcoin transactions. The service came up with a new system to protect your privacy and ensure that your transactions remain completely anonymous.

Why is it important to use

In order to maintain the best level of anonymity, you must mix your coins in every time you are going to send or receive coins from a new source.


For example, when you first buy coins using cash, you must mix them in the bitcoin mixer before you spend them elsewhere. Thus, there will be no connection between the coins you bought and the transaction you made. Also, when it comes time to sell coins, you need to mix them up before sending them over to the new owner. Thus, there is no way to trace where your coins came from.

There are many people and organizations that may be interested in tracking you and your expenses, so it is highly recommended to use every time you deal with bitcoin transactions. benefits

BestMixer is one of the most reliable and convenient bitcoinmixers. It has positive feedback and a large reserve of over 2,000 BTC. The service offers the following benefits to its users:

  • The client of the system can determine the distribution amounts and the time of the transfer, which they consider the best for anonymity.
  • You can deal with transaction both from PC and phone
  • The mixer takes a fee from 0.5% to 3% for its services
  • Users are given a mixing code that guarantees that the transaction will not be mixed with the previous ones